Al Amin is a fusion of the cuisine and cultures of the world. It is a passionate, compelling bazaar of multicultural ingredients and inspiration where you can witness food demonstrations by ethnic culinary experts or feel confident to bring it all back home and experiment in your own kitchen, using the same ingredients that you would buy in some far-flung land. This makes Al Amin a truly authentic experience, and much more than simply a place to shop in this awards winning store ** Click Here**

An ethical and community focused local halal grocery store that has the affairs of firstly Cambridge and then the rest of world at the
heart of its business.

Whether it is in tastes of the world that al:amin endeavours to cater for or looking after your health by providing you with a range of products consciously obtained from local growers if possible, organic in nature or the refusal by the store to sell products that are detrimental to your health like alcohol or cigarettes.

The diversity of thought even takes the environment and concerning issues it raises into the decision making processes.

People are put before profit

•  We sell products from all over the world

•  We endeavour to sell products that are locally obtained and thus assist our local community

•  We sell products that are environmentally friendly

•  We sell products that are obtained from countries or suppliers that will not entertain or tolerate any form of labour or practices that contravene the basic human rights and senses of common decency.

•  We stock a large range of Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten free products including delicious locally sourced Chocolate with up to 90% Cocoa


We are no longer a Post Office, however we do sell First and Second Class stamps at retail value for cash and we have implemented

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All of the ingredients for the delicious recipes are available in our store.
Freshly cooked cuisine from our in house chef
Freshly cooked authentic products in our Cafe.
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