INGREDIENTS (serves 4)
500g of either chicken, king prawn or tofu
4 cups green and red peppers
½ cup Mama Sita BBQ Marinade
1 cos/little gem lettuce
2 cups sliced beans
2 cups sliced mushrooms
2 cups sliced onion (red is best)
2 cups fine sliced carrot
2 cups fine cut cabbage
coarse ground black pepper
soy sauce to taste


1. Marinade meat (dice chicken/tofu) and leave for 3 hours. Prawns for 10 minutes. (Optional, sauce can be used at point of cooking).
2. Either grill or BBQ meat (on skewers), or place into a hot wok
3. Add BBQ seasoning (if not on BBQ/Grill).
4. Sauté until cooked and leave in pan to keep warm.


1. Prepare lettuce by separating the hearts.
2. Sauté the vegetables in a hot wok (you can use the same wok from the meat and use the juices).
3. Place the lettuce hearts on a plate and fill with the vegetables.
4. Place the meat on the plate and drizzle with the sauce.