Butchery Products

We get fresh deliveries every two days and our supply is locally sourced in the prescribed Halal ethos






Beef Chops - Single or Double. T - Bone Steaks, With fat or lean meat as you like it




Silverside, Sirloin or Fillet Steaks cut to your requirement



Top side



All our chickens are locally sourced that are free range and meet the halal ethos

Chicken breasts can be purchased as beutterfly or singularly



Chicken Legs



Lamb Back Chops, whole rack, single or double.. as you like them



Lamb Chops



Lamb Leg - Boned or Boneless



Lamb Shoulder, your way. Whole or cubed
Marianated - Ready to cook or BBQ  



Marinated Chichken pieces



Marinated Lamb Chops



We have also have range of Frozen Kebabs



Marinated Kofta
Mince Meat  



Available in Beef, Lamb, Goat and Chicken



Mirgaz sausages
Frozen Seafood  

Tilapia - Fillets | Steaks | Whole

Pangas - Fillets

Tuna - Steaks

Kingfish - Steaks

Red Mullet - Whole

Silver Ponfret - Whole

Red Snapper

Milk Fish



Squid - Cleaned | Rings

Crab - Sticks | Cut Crab

Lobster - Whole

Prawns and King Prawns


Cheetal Fish Mints

Ruhu - Whole

Llish (Hilsa)

Indian Mackrel